Sep 10, 2013

White Wood Floors

Practical? Not really...  Beautiful? Mmm Hmm, Yep!

I'm always drawn to painted white wood floors because of how they make everything look bright, airy, and etherial.  They make the furnishings of a room seem to float in the most magical way.  And, when paired with white walls, they can make any style of space look updated and modern.


Two things to keep in mind with white floors:

1) You must have some amazing art or architectural focal points to showcase, or use splashes of color in accessories to ground the space and keep it from looking like you live in a two-deminsional world.

2) Don't have a black dog.  White wood floors are probably a hassle and a half to keep clean.  I can envision myself trailing around after people wiping black shoe marks off the floor.

What do you think of white floors?  Are they a "do" or a "don't"?


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I love your way to decor the room stairs.

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