Sep 27, 2013

Gift Wrap Paper Pumpkins

Since we're on a gift wrap roll (see my previous post below...), I thought I'd try a little pumpkin craft with some cute gift wrap paper that I had on hand.  Ok, in full disclosure, Emily Henderson's paper pumpkins inspired me a bit too - don't mind her creepy floating head in the picture below...

In comparison, my gift wrap pumpkins didn't turn out too shabby looking.  Plus, I didn't have an intern to do it for me (wink! I'm just jealous, Emily).

Here's what you'll need to create your own darling little gift wrap pumpkins...

Mini pumpkins (or VERY smooth-surfaced larger pumpkins)*
Paper cut into thin 1/2" strips (pick a porous paper that will absorb the Mod Podge, paper with a laminated/shiny finish doesn't work)
Mod Podge 
Paint brush
Small bowl
Wax paper to work on

* Note: In full honesty and for the sake of your sanity, this would be a super tedious project with large pumpkins...the curvature of a pumpkin mixed with the ribbed texture on most pumpkins make it very difficult to create a smooth, some-what seamless paper surface on a pumpkin.   Just FYI...

1. Pour your Mod Podge in a bowl.  Brush the Mod Podge on a small portion of the pumpkin's surface (I did about a quarter of the pumpkin at a time) and layer your paper strips over the "glue", making sure the strips overlap.  Then brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the strips.

2. Repeat until the entire pumpkin is covered.  Place a small square of matching paper under the pumpkin as it dries...the pumpkin will stick to the paper instead of the wax paper.  Let dry completely.

3. After the first layer of Mod Podge is completely dry, brush another layer of Mod Podge on.  This step can be repeated as many times as you like.  Let dry.

4. Enjoy!

Pretty darn cute, huh?  I'm wishing I had done this on faux pumpkins so I could keep them for next and learn.

Have you seen any other new pumpkin decorating ideas this year?  Do share!


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