Sep 6, 2013

What I'd like to find at Brimfield Antique Show...

Sadly, I'm not going to the last Brimfield Antique Show this year (boo hoo, sniff sniff) because I'm headed out of town for a few weeks and we couldn't fit it into the pre-departure schedule.  But, here's what's on my thrift/antique list for next year's festivities...

A vintage first aid kit box.  Not certain what I'll do with it, but it will store something and look ever so hip doing so.
Brass animals!  I can't help but love them because they remind me of my Grandma, who has quite a few throughout their home that she's collected over the years.  I'm most drawn to ones that remind me of our travels.
An awesome set of 6 chairs that I can put in our dining room with our existing farmhouse-like table.  They can be any style, but they have to sing to me! (or at least to my decorating spirit...)

Any cool kilim textiles, whether they be rugs, pillows, blankets, etc.  I'd love to recover a large ottoman with a kilim someday...

Pairs of antique (most likely brass) candle sconces.  They're so pretty - I can't help but love them for flanking large mirrors, paintings, or pictures above a dresser, hutch, desk, or credenza.
Finally, because I can't resist, one of a kind paintings that mean something to us...landscapes and still life's are my favorite, but a quirky (not to scary looking) portrait would be cool too.

(All items shown above can be found on my Pinterest page)

Are there any antiques that you're always keeping your eyes peeled for?  Anyone looking for the same items as me??  Do share!


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