Feb 13, 2013

DIY Triangle Confetti Garland

How stinkin' adorable is this homemade triangle garland?

I made it for my little one's evolving "big-girl" room which will have mostly pinks, turquoise, red, and gray for colors. The Inspiration Board for the space is {here} if you'd like to see the grand plans!

For this DIY project, I was inspired by the confetti garland from West Elm that they carried for Christmas (now out of stock):

I knew it would be a fun accent to deck the halls of my baby girl's room all-year-round.  Did I mention that this was a super cheap project?  Makes it even better!

Here's the quick and easy on how to make it...

Several colors of paper or cardstock - scrapbook paper is awesome for this because it comes in a 12"x12" square, which makes measuring and cutting super easy
Sewing Machine loaded with color-coordinated thread (I picked a basic white)

1. Grab your paper, pencil, and ruler.  Draw out 3"x3" squares, then cut along the lines.  (I divided each side of the 12"x12" paper into fourths (marking with the pencil) then drew a line across the paper, connecting the marks on opposing sides.)

2. Fold the squares in half, making a tight fold.  (note: for the sparkly cardstock triangles, I opted to cut triangles versus folding the thick cardstock...didn't want to bust a needle on the sewing machine)

Soon you'll have quite the collection of folded triangles...I bagged them because I was splitting the project between two days.

3. Once you're set to sew, just run the triangles through the machine one at a time.  I left a stitch between the triangles, so they'd move freely.

It will come out the other end of the machine looking just like this...

Voila!  That's it, friends...now go hang it up and enjoy.

Not bad for a DIY attempt at a West Elm product.  What do you think of the final comparison?

I love my version (totally not biased, huh?)  because it's much more custom to my little gal's room!  And, I didn't pay $20 for it!! (only about $6)  What do you think?  Let me know if you like it.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Incredibly beautiful and fun!!! For this unique labor of love plus materials, I'd say your garland is valued at priceless and our little princess is specially blessed ... again ... and always !!! mom/nonna

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