Jun 6, 2012

A Room I Love...Mid-Century Cowboy Chic

pic from D Home

I know, I totally had you at "cowboy", right?  Never would I think that I'd say "I love this room" about a space with a cowhide rug and a brown/orange color scheme, but this room pushed me over the edge.  Here's what I adore about the space:

1. Bright White Walls - A blank canvas allows the accents to really pop.  The white walls and moldings ground the space and provide a clean starting point for all the fun furniture shapes and bold orange.  White walls are "in" these days, which is a great thing for renters (holla to the fellow transients!).

2. Mid-Century Mod Furniture - Not certain if it's the clean lines, long legs, or simplicity that does it for me...but it does it for me!  Mid-century modern furniture meshes so well with furniture from other eras and can really modernize a space regardless of your overall design aesthetic.  The key is to not over-do it.

3. Orange Bookshelf - Orange can be a tough color to work with, but when you find the right shade it can be a showstopper.  In this room the orange really complements the brown tones used throughout the space and keeps it interesting.  It also serves as the perfect backdrop to some gorgeous white pottery that would be completely lost without it.  Any bold color with a brown undertone would look equally as cool in the bookcase - a fab idea when you only want to paint a small portion of the room (Another renter shout out - It's even better when you do it in a stand-alone bookcase that can move with you!).

4. Fresh Flowers - In this room poppies are the perfect flower pick - they really play up the orange bookshelf and provide a subtle nod to the hippie-chic 60s.  Always try to select flowers that complement your favorite accent colors in a room.  It makes your decorating efforts really come alive!

5. Cowhide Rug - I'm a Texas girl at heart (born and bread) and there is something so naturally beautiful about a cowhide being well-executed in decor.  It works great when you layer it with another larger floor-covering, like the woven wall-to-wall rug shown in the photo.  The smaller cowhide rug defines the seating area and welcomes you to sit down, kick of your shoes (or boots), and stay a while.  Not to mention, the detail in the hide is like a one-of-a-kind work of art - no two are the same!

6. Mantel Scape - It's simple, it's understated, it's perfect for this space.  An abstract black and white piece of art in a bold black frame draws your eye in, then a few ultra-cool clear candlesticks concentrated on one side throws of the symmetry in a beautiful understated way.

(We can't see the couch on the right-hand side of the photo, but I'm hoping there are some kick-butt accent pillows on it...)

So, what's your favorite part of the space?  And what would you call that color of orange?  I'm thinking "Popsicle Orange" or "Sunset on Fire".  Crayola, you better take some notes...


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You have a great eye! I'd call it sunset orange!

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