Jun 14, 2012

Clear Ambition - Lucite Look for Less

Lucite, acrylic, glass...you name it.  If it's clear, I think it's cool!  I'm not certain if that's because of my love of Jelly Shoes as a wee one, or because there is something wondrous about an invisible object functioning like a very visible one.  There is inherent beauty in something being there without being "seen" right away - honestly, it reminds me of God's presence in our daily lives!

We'll play "I Spy Lucite with my Little Eye" in the following dream-worthy designer rooms, then I'll share some clear(ly) affordable options you can add to your own space to make it sparkle a bit.

Lucite coffee table fancies up the otherwise neutral and casual space.

Another Lucite coffee table perfectly complements the contemporary art.

A Lucite crib is a bit over the top modern for me, but cool none the less.

The Lucite chair blends right in to this cozy desk space.

A Lucite chair is at home with a mixture of other chair designs, creating an inviting dining space.

A Lucite entry table takes up limited visual space, allowing the over-sized poster to be the star of the show.

A glass-front refrigerator is industrial, sleek, and refined.  Let colorful food provide your pops of color. 

A glass lamp base doesn't steal the show but has such pretty lines when your eyes finally settle on it.

Nesting Lucite tables provide 3 tables in 1 and soften the look of the vintage pieces showcased in the room.

Lucite stools seem to glow on beautiful dark wood floors.

Glamorous Lucite stools with aqua cushions perfectly juxtapose the earthy colors and textures in this space.

A glass enclosed bathtub is such a cool focal point in this bath.  The water makes it come alive.

Now that we've soaked in copious amount of luxurious Lucite and glamorous glass, here are some affordable pieces that give you the Lucite look for far less:

1. Baxton Studio Arylic Stool Set (2 for $195) - Amazon.com // 2. Triple Gourd Clear Glass Table Lamp ($100) - Lamps Plus // 3. Clear Plastic Side Chair with Wooden Base ($136) - Overstock.com // 4. Baxton Studio Acrylic Nesting Tables, Clear (3 for $130) - Amazon.com // 5. Baxton Studio Chiara Acrylic Coffee Table, Clear ($326) - Amazon.com // 6. OXO Good Grips Modular Wine Rack ($20) - Amazon.com // 7. Acrylic Tape Dispenser ($12) - Design Darling // 8. Apothecary Urn 24" Clear Glass Table Lamp ($90) - Lamps Plus // 9. Louis Ghost Arm Chair ($135) - Amazon.com // 10. Labra Candle Holders (5-arm $25, 3-arm $20) - cb2 // 11. Exhibit Lamp ($60) - Pier 1 Imports // 12. Fishscape Fish Bowl ($140) - A+R Store

Several of the pictured items are the no-kidding real deal Lucite designer pieces, just found for a steal.  Always make sure to do your research online before making a purchase.  Several of the items - like the chairs, stools, and tables are over 50% off retail prices.  And "Lucite" is just a fancy brand name for Acrylic, which is a very hardened form of plastic!

Which room or item is your favorite?  I'm totally loving the chair with the wooden base and the wine rack...oh, and the fish bowl if I could find a faux pet fish.


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