Jun 13, 2012

Father's Day Gift Ideas

What do you get for the guy who not only has everything, but means everything to you???  I know I'm a bit late on getting this out, but you still have a couple shopping days (or internet browsing days) before Father's Day is upon us.  I hope these gift ideas inspire you to find something special to help celebrate your Dad, Grandfathers, Husbands, Brothers, Sons, Friends, etc. on the day that's all about how wonderful they are at being Fathers.  After all, there isn't a more treasured-valued-appreciated role in a man's life, than the position of being a Dad.

1. For the Dad who is still a child at heart - Combat RC Copter ($70) from Brookstone // 2. For the Dad who likes timeless (or timely) classics - Weekender Strap Watch ($49) from Timex // 3. For the Dad who knows a good brew or two - Beer Tasting Glass Set ($50) from Red Envelope // 4. For the Dad who always made the best breakfasts - Eat Like a Man Cookbook ($17) from Amazon.com // 5. For the Dad with an adventurous spirit - Where I've Been Map Scratch Mat ($22) from Fred Flare // 6. For the Dad who dresses with style and panache - Daddy Dictionary Sterling Silver Cuff-Links ($50) from Etsy // 7. For the Dad who loves a good joke or magic trick - Ridley's Magic 5 Tricks Set ($13) from Amazon.com // 8. For the Dad on the go with gadgets galore - Gadget Charger for the Car ($40) from Red Envelope // 9. For the Dad who is handy in the garage and on the grill - Craftsman 4 pc. BBQ Gift Set ($15) from Sears // 10. For the Dad who is laid back and crazy cool - Men's Vagabond Sidewalk Surfer ($60) from Sanuk

While I know I have the best Dad in the world - I'm sure several of you would fight me to defend your dad's position at #1 as well.  Thanks Dads for all you do and all you are to us!

Anyone have any fun plans for their Dad this weekend?  Unfortunately, I'll be celebrating my Dad from afar...but loving him all the more.


Charli said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey Kristen; I absolutely love your blog! I've come across a lot of cool things I'm definitely excited to try out, thanks! As far as Father's Day goes, my family and I have planned on going on a nice little camping trip; which is perfect because of the gift I decided to get my dad this year. One of my coworkers at Dish recommended I get him a Tailgater, since he loves his outdoor activities, so that is exactly what I did. It’s a portable satellite system, that will allow him to keep up with his favorite shows and sports in HD at any campground or tailgating event he goes too. He has no idea that's what I got him, so I'm definitely looking forward to trying it out this weekend! Thanks again for the read! :)

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