May 23, 2012

Patriotic Napkin Rings

Memorial Day is a special holiday for us as we are a to-the-core military family - several of our close relatives are retired military, my husband is active duty military, and I'm former active duty and currently a Reservist.  We love nothing more than supporting our military heroes, and for us it's also important to point out that our hometown heroes like police, fire fighters, and paramedics are equally as worthy to be celebrated on Memorial Day for all their sacrifices and what they do everyday to keep us safe.  We feel blessed to have several family members in those lines of work as well!

All that being said, I know that many of us like to get together and celebrate Memorial Day with a family gathering or BBQ with friends, so I thought I would share a fun little craft you can use for Memorial Day entertaining!  These patriotic napkin rings (or belts...actually) are super easy to make and use very few supplies from the craft closet.  And, you can keep them around and use them again for 4th of July celebrations too!

Grosgrain Ribbon (recommend ribbon with design printed on both sides)
Small D-Rings
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Ruler/Measuring Tape

1. Measure and cut ribbon into 8-9" segments.

2. Run end of ribbon through 2 D-Rings.

3. Run small bead of glue across ribbon to right of D-Rings and press ribbon together so it holds.

4. Cut opposite end of ribbon at angle or notch it like an inverted "v".  Run small bead of glue along edge so ribbon won't fray.

5. Roll up napkin and place in center of ribbon. Loop ribbon through both D-Rings and then down through the outer ring. Pull end until it tightens as much as you like.

6. Now, simply repeat for remaining napkins.

A tip to help you out with a roadblock I hit with my polka dot ribbon...because it's not printed on both sides: Use the hot glue to attach a small length of ribbon to the end that is run through the D-Rings so the polka dots show.

Make sure you set your napkins out on display!  They even work as a patriotic centerpiece that people can conveniently access at the table.

We have a great Memorial Day dessert coming to Inspired Whims on Friday, so don't forget to come back to check it out!


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