May 18, 2012

Kids Room Organization + Storage Solutions

We all struggle with finding good organization solutions, especially if you're a mom or a down to the bone neat-nick (I happen to fall into both of those categories).  It's important to many of us to streamline our stuff and tidy things up, especially during this Spring Cleaning time of year!

This kid room organization post was inspired by my dear sister-in-law who asked me for some good ideas for creating more usable storage in my sweet niece's bedroom.  Here are the ideas and items I found to be most inspiring for creating a less-cluttered kid-friendly space:

pic from
There are two great ideas in this room! 1) A small tension rod across the top of a bookshelf holds up curtains that can be closed to hid cluttered shelves or tied open after a good room-cleaning, 2) Spray paint some inexpensive metal cookie sheets to match your child's room, then hang them on the wall and use magnets to hold up pictures or artwork (a great idea for a kitchen too...)

I love these inexpensive rolling under-bed storage bins (only $19) from Walmart.  The chalkboard panel on the front allows you to label the bin so the contents aren't a mystery.

This is a brilliant DIY concept that would be really easy to create - book slings made of fabric, wooden dowels, and double-curtain rod holders...all items that can be found at your local hardware and craft stores.  Easy instructions for this great project can be found {here}.

Bins and boxes - two critical words for easy organization.  Here are a few unique ones I've found that are both decorative and useful:

 Why not round?  These Ikea Kvarnvik Boxes (3 for $20) remind me of cute hat boxes

 These large Striped Strapping Floor Bins ($17 each) from Land of Nod would be great laundry hampers

You can't go wrong with polka dots!  These Ikea Pingla Boxes (2 for $5) are sturdy and very affordable

I admit it...I'm a sucker for these brightly colored metal lockers ($184) from  If I could incorporate them into a master bedroom, I would. :)  They're probably more appropriate for the kiddos...hmmm, or maybe a laundry room?

pic from CozyCottageCute
Dressers are great storage options for so many things.  Don't limit their use to only folded clothes - use them to store books, toys, crafts supplies, and more.  The pictured dresser was refinished with a new paint job, knobs, and cute house numbers.  You can find some great dressers to fix-up on your local Craig's List - a little elbow grease will result in a custom piece perfect for your space.

Need a good catch-all for all those tiny items like crayons, hair ties, the tiniest Legos, or Barbie accessories?  This Lazy-Susan ($35) from Pottery Barn Kids fits on any desk, dresser, or sink-top and allows your child to see what he/she is looking for.

pic from StrawberryChic
This is a super cool DIY project to hold pens, pencils, markers, and crayons.  Simply find a piece of wood (it could even be a rectangular piece of lumber) and use a drill bit to drill holes the size of your writing tools.  Instructions for making your own rustic pencil holder can be found {here}.

Storage ottomans are great for a kid's room.  They can hide away toys, be used as extra seating, and can easily fit beneath a window - valuable space that is usually wasted because we don't want to block the light or a view. Here are a few of my favorites:

This Tufted Grey Storage Ottoman ($146) from is beautiful, and would likely last far into adult-hood - a piece they'd want to take with them when they move out.

A decorative fabric Storage Bench ($196) from can be used in a bedroom, an entryway, or as a coffee table in a living space - an extremely versatile piece.

This Woven Storage Cube (only $51) from is a great option that is inexpensive and translates to other spaces in your house.  The rush weave is very durable and will last for a long time, even when "durability tested" by little ones for years on end.

pic from Design*Sponge
Another great homemade book/magazine storage idea - a pegboard with bungee cords offers a cool way to display your child's favorite reads.  I think this would be great for a teenager - it looks hip, cool, and industrial. Details on how to make this can be found {here}.

Hooks are a great way to get clothes and coats up off the floor, or help your kiddo plan ahead by setting out an outfit for the next day:

This modern looking Ikea Tjusig Rack ($10) offers streamlined style.

A whimsical over-the-door hook solution - Umbra Birdseye Multi-Hook ($25) from

Finally, some ever-important shelving solutions...

This Ikea Ikea Ekby Alex wall-hung shelf ($50) contains two drawers for extra storage.  It would serve as a great bookshelf or even as a bedside table when hung next to a bed at the same height as the mattress top.

You may ask, what can you do with this simple Ikea Lack Wall Shelf ($7)...

Well, here's a great idea - hang several in a zigzag pattern to create a shelf like the red ones shown below:

pic from HyphenInteriors

This room also features one of my all-time favorite, classically simple shelving options - the Expedit Shelving Unit series from Ikea (starting at $40), shown in detail below.

This unit can serve as open shelving, or Ikea makes several bins that fit perfectly inside the cubbies for stashing stuff.  Worth checking out as I've seen designers use these inexpensive shelving units even in high-end design because of their functionality and clean lines.

Hope these kids room storage ideas and items have got your organizing juices flowin'.  Do you have any creative storage ideas you can share with us?  Please let me know if I can help you find a custom storage solution for your unique space.  I'd love to help!


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