Apr 16, 2012

String Art

I've seen some really cool string art creations lately - there's definitely been a string art movement on Pinterest, so of course I had to hop on the ol' band wagon and try something myself.  Here's what I came up with...an "A" for my baby girl.

Cute, huh?  I have to admit that I wanted to do the "quick-version" of string art, so I went the cardboard and push-pin route versus the wood and small nail route.  The required materials and instructions are below.

Hollow, brown paper decorative letter from local craft store
Clear push-pins
Hot Glue Gun and glue
Cotton Crochet Thread (I used 1.5mm, "Lace" weight)...see pic below


1. Push your push-pins into your letter, all around the perimeter, leaving about 1" between pins.  Because I used a hollow letter, the push-pins weren't going to stay in so I ran back through and placed a small dot of hot glue over each hole and pushed the pins back in.  This worked great so I definitely recommend it!

2. Tie the end of your crochet thread around one of the pins and start winding it back and forth, across, around, up, down, all-around your pins!  Take a creative license on this one - you can go with a pattern, or just go crazy and wind it all over like I did.  Just keep your thread very taut and go until you're pleased with how it looks.

3. When you're satisfied, cut the thread and tie it off on one of the pins.  That's it!

Now, find a place to display it so you can enjoy your handiwork!

This would be a great project for a nursery - initials, an entire name, or a sweet message.  Have you seen any other string creations you've loved?  Here are my three favorites that I've seen on other sites...

pic from Honey + Fitz

pic from Pinterest via Megan Eagleson

Have a happy day!  -Kristen


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