Apr 20, 2012

Honeycombs and Hexagons

I know I'm not the leader of this band-wagon - the trend has been out a while - but I wanted to share all my honeycomb and hexagon finds with you.  It's a beautiful shape that can add some graphic symmetry to any space.  Not diggin' a bee theme?  Don't worry, the hexagon doesn't always suggest honeycomb - as you will see with the items below.

(Gee Whiz Moment: Did you know that hexagons are one of those shapes that regularly occur in nature?  Honeycombs, the sections of a tortoise's shell, snowflakes, a multitude of molecules, and mineral crystals are just a few examples of naturally occurring hexagons.  This must mean God likes hexagons too; after all, he is the Master Designer!)

While some of these items would be pretty paired together (i.e. the wallpaper and the lamp, or the rug and the vases, or the storage unit and curtains made of the pink fabric, or the mosaic tiles and the pendant light), make sure to exercise restraint with hexagons in a room or it may give you a bad "buzz".  Just sayin'...

On that note, I have to share my favorite bee pillow with you - no hexagons to be found on it.

It would be a really cute accent in a room with a hexagon print somewhere.  A sweet but subtle nod to nature's honeycomb.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the hexagon shape in design?


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