Apr 4, 2012

Brighten Up for Spring!

Everywhere I look I see bold bright colors, and I love it!  Best paired with neutrals - such as white, black, tan, gray, or beige - bright colors can be the cure-all for an otherwise drab space.  Just remember to use them in moderation.  Keep it to one (maybe two) bright colors per room, and attempt to repeat the color a few times to keep the room cohesive.  Here are some really fun decor items and a few fashion finds that will help us lighten (and brighten) up a bit!  (sources can be found via the link in each item description)

I'll start with my over-the-top bright inspiration - the beautiful Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, which I first saw a picture of on one of my favorite fashion blogs, Sequins and Stripes.

pic from swissmiss

pic from cubeme

How fun is this Yellow Futon Cover from Target?  Not sayin' this would go in any space, but it sure would be great as a focal point in a mostly white, more modern space.

Pink lamp, anyone?  This Gem Lamp from Furbish would be super cute in a girl's room - from toddler to teen.

This Square Toss Pillow from Target can be flipped to either side - damask or solid turquoise - depending on your mood.

For some naturally bright hues, display some pretty fruits in a bowl or on a cool fruit tree like this one from amazon.com.  Oranges, limes, lemons, and green apples are my favorites on display!

I saw this perky pink coffee table on a blog called From the West Bank - it was a plain table that was spray painted hot pink!  I love the color and they way it livens up the white space.

I'm hoping to make these colorful spoons a future craft project.  A tutorial can be found on the Little Bit Funky blog.  Find some plain old wooden spoons and simply dip them in some bright colored paint.  You could color code them based on function so they're easy to pull from your drawer, or randomly dip and display in a counter-top utensil holder for all to see.

I love this Love Pillow Cover from Pillow Factory on Etsy.com.  It comes in red and green, too.  Of course the yellow one is my fave!

This fluorescent green vase from Furbish takes me back to my childhood in the '80s.  Slap bracelets and shirt ties anyone???  I think I had both in this same color.

Totally diggin' this striped headboard.  The same look could be replicated by stapling a colorful Mexican blanket to some plywood covered with foam and batting.

Have an old dresser laying around, or are you eager to find a fixer-upper on Craigslist?  Paint the dresser white then pick some fun complementary colors for the drawers.  This is such a fun idea for a kid's room especially.  The super cute one below is from Oh Joy.

This Rainbow Spot Print from Amy Sia on the Society6 website comes in several sizes - the 20"x28" print is only $35.

Add some color to your table setting with pretty Ikat Mugs from CWonder.  The print also comes in plates and bowls.

This whimsical staircase in London looks like it's right out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland.  Check out the rest of the literal "fun house" on Design Milk.

Often, the prettiest art comes from God.  The splendor of this bright sunset could never be rivaled by man's hand. Thankfully the talented photographer knew exactly what camera settings would capture it best.  (Image uploaded by Julia Pettis on pinterest.com)

Daffodils are popping up everywhere here in Portland.  Flowers can be used to brighten up any room, regardless of your design style.  And, you don't have to make a major commitment to the color.

pic from 123rf

We'll finish off with some bright accessories you can add to your wardrobe for a splash of color this Spring!

 Leather Belt from JCrew

 Agate Earrings from Target

 Necklace from David Aubrey

Purse from Target

Aviator Sunglasses from Target

Bright colors are an instant mood lifter and help us welcome spring whether the weather agrees or not.  How do you feel about all these bright colors?  Are they a "go" or "no" for you?  Hope they brightened up your day a bit.


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