Feb 10, 2012

Red and Pink Decor

So, are you sick and tired of pink and red from all my Valentine's Day-themed posts?  Hope not, because I think you'll really enjoy this bit of eye-candy.  Typically, I love red in decor (to the almost over-do-it point...) and shun pink in decor (my baby's girl room is my only exception).  These rooms and items below have further fueled my fire for red and ignited a quickly-growing flame for pink!  I hope you enjoy the colors of love...

We'll start with some pretty bedrooms (or "boudoirs" for you romantics):

pic from bandanamom

pic from alittleglassbox

pic from Pinterest

On to some kitchens - one country, one traditional, and two modern - all beautiful:

pic from housebeautiful

pic from kitchenbuilding

pic from kitchenbuilding

pic source unknown

Now, some gorgeous living rooms:

pic from thelennoxx

pic from becolorful

Two lovely dining spaces, indoor and alfresco:

pic from becolorful

pic from housebeautiful

Who knew bathrooms could be so pretty in pink (or red)?

pic from bandanamom

pic from alittleglassbox

pic from houzz

Finally, finishing off with some fun furniture, appliances, and decor items for a nice dose of color infusion:

pic from thedecorista

pic from cwonder

 pic from houzz

pic from bigchill

pic from giftedpenguin

pic from hgtv

pic from cwonder

pic from bandanamom

pic from rapson-inc

pic from anthropologie

Are you sharing my love for red and pink now?  If you could pick out any one decor item above and add it to your home, which item would it be?  For me, I think it would have to be that awesome red stove (or, maybe the red striped chair...hmmm)  -Kristen


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Definitely the stove. I'm headed out to see just how much it costs!!!

Your Red Loving Momma

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