Feb 24, 2012

Kitchen Transformation (Before + After)

We've had a little DIY fun around here lately, this time in the form of a kitchen update!  We tried to spend minimal money on our cosmetic fixes, which include a mosaic tile backsplash, new cabinet hardware, and some super cool pendant light conversion kits.

Here is our builder-basic-blah kitchen before:

As you can see, it's about as beige as it gets.  We wanted to kick it up a notch, to make it look a wee bit more custom.  That being said, here are some (prettier) after shots:

Whole room shot, taking it all in...

Moving closer...

1st close-up: mosaic tile backsplash...

2nd close-up: contemporary cabinet hardware...

3rd close-up: can light to pendant light transformation (my favorite!)

Much more lovely, huh?  In total we only spent about $245 for the entire update, including the following items:

Lowe's Elida Ceramica Mosaic Multi Glacier Glass Wall Tiles  (totally marked down to $2.38/sq ft)

Knobs (similar to pictured for $2) and Drawer Pulls ($6) from Home Depot

If you ask me, that's not too shabby for an inexpensive kitchen pick-me-up!  Let me know what you think of our kitchen project.  Any other suggestions?  I'll do a more detailed "how-to tile a backsplash" post very soon.  -Kristen


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