Feb 20, 2012

Headboard Decals

So when you first think of Headboard Decals, what do you imagine?  For me, I think...how can a wall sticker fulfill the role of a headboard???  But then I consider the fact that we've never had a headboard in our guest room and that's worked just fine in our last few digs (we don't have a guest bedroom at the moment...gasp). Well, then I happened upon the coolest headboard wall decals that offer an inexpensive, removable (key for renting!), and design savvy solution to the lack-of-headboard dilemma.  Made by Blik, the following decals come in various colors, fit the bill for any decorating budget at only $40, and can really finish off a room that is in need of some headboard help.  I'm already planning on ordering one once we move cross-country and settle in to our next home this upcoming summer (yes, another move!).

 A clean-lined and classic look - this Wrought Iron Headboard decal is my favorite in red (of course)!  And don't you LOVE that suzani coverlet, too???

 A more traditional and refined option, the spindled Olivia Headboard decal would dress up the room a bit.

The Nessa Headboard decal has a beautiful distinctive shape and sophisticated detailing that resembles the look of a delicate nail-head trim.

With a baroque-style flourish, the Sophie Headboard decal definitely livens up the space with a romantic flare.

How fun are those?!?!  There are a few other headboard design styles {here}.  Blik offers all sorts of wall decals - from wall tiles that function as removable wallpaper to other faux furniture decals.  Keep reading for a few other fun furniture decals that I love...

The Tripod Light ($35) adds the perfect dash of whimsy to the room that has an abundance of overhead light, negating the need for (functional) lamp light.

I love grandfather clocks, especially sleek ones with pretty curves minus the overly-ornate detailing.  These Grandfather Clock decals ($37) have a nice Scandinavian simplicity...just hang a round wall clock where the face would be.

The Classical Must Haves ($55 for 10 decals) includes a collection of decals that you could use in all sorts of rooms.  The small candlesticks and vases would be super cute on a shelf, while the larger furniture pieces are great for those empty walls, walkways that won't allow for furniture, and even to layer behind your true furniture.

Not only do the decals perform well as practical furniture substitutes (i.e. headboards) or cheeky art (i.e. grandfather clock and tripod lamp), they are also great conversation starters. Your guests will surely ask where you found such quirky items!  As the website says, "Your movers will thank us...", after all there is no back-ache after carrying this "furniture" up the stairs.  -Kristen


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