Mar 28, 2014

Happy Easter Printable + Pastels

The other day I got down to business during art time with my toddler and decided to share the results with you, just in case you wanted to join us and have a Happy Easter print for your fridge!

I'm totally teasing, it's no masterpiece but it's a little bit cute and reminds us to celebrate the joy of Easter all the same:

To print: just right click, save to your desktop, and print.  Or, if you'd like me to send you the high resolution jpeg, just shoot me an email ( and I'll send it to you asap.

Hope you enjoy!  Easter is late this year, so you'll get to keep it up for a couple weeks.  He is risen indeed!

Now, on to pastels.  It's sort of funny...I'm not a pastel-loving girl at all.  Except, for during Eastertime.  Not certain why that is.  Perhaps a saturated color addict like me still needs to ease into color again after a long white winter.

Here are a few pretty pastels that I've pinned on Pinterest.  After all, even pastels deserve a little love now and again!


From these inspiration photos, my favorite pastels are the mini pink fridge, the bouquet of flowers, and the light yellow medallions in that last room!  How about you?  Do you like pastels?  Which pastel colors are you most drawn too??


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I love the beautiful bouquet of flowers ... perfect God-made pastels!!!

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