Feb 18, 2014

Wallpaper Alternative 101 - Stencils!

I'm back with a vengeance!  That's right...I'm rearing, ready, eager, and determined to be back and better than ever.  Let's start off with a great alternative for the still-hot (can you believe it??) wallpaper trend.  Stencils!

Wall stencils are a room-changing design option that often take less time, less resources (you don't have to hire someone), and less money than wallpaper.  Plus, it's a far less permanent option as you can completely avoid the trauma of wallpaper removal and simply paint over the stencil design when you're ready for something new.

Here are a few stencil designs by OMG Stencils that I'm totally diggin' right now:

My pick for a bold accent wall...

Moroccan Stencil 17"x11" ($21)

My pick for a kitchen backsplash (looks like tiles but it's not!)...

Honeycomb Hex Pattern 22"x35" ($39)

My pick for a graphic laundry room or powder bath...

Otomi Pattern 22.5"x27.5" ($44)

And finally, my pick for an elegant entryway or dining room... 

The possibilities are truly endless!  Check out the rest of the OMG Stencils collection {here}.  Have you ever used wall stencils?  Any tips or tricks for using them?  Because I'm really feeling tempted to try the technique about now...


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think they're super fun. I've always wanted to try one, but could never commit to a project. A back splash would be a fun one. You could do it on foam board or thin wood if you were in a rental that wouldn't let you paint. Fun, fun.

Storypiece said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just pinned something similar this morning thinking I really want to try out this trend. Great suggestions here!

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