Feb 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Card

I first made this heart card with my Mother's of Preschoolers (MOPS) group when we lived out in Portland OR a few years ago.  Our dear craft leader was so sweet to share it with us and I've always wanted to pass the crafty heart-holiday fun on to you....so here it is!

The card was super easy to make and is perfect for giving as a "heart"-felt card or for displaying as Valentine's Day decor in your home.

Card stock
Painter's tape or another tape that won't permanently stick to your paper
Scotch tape
Paper in several different prints or colors (I used scrap-book paper)


1. Print the below heart pattern from the Iris Folding website {here} then cut out heart to use as your template.

2. Fold your card stock in half into a card shape.  I also trimmed mine a little to make it square.

3. On the inside front of your card, position your heart template and trace around it with a pencil.  Cut along the line.  You will end up with a heart in the middle of your card's front flap.

4. Tape the heart template numbered side up onto a flat surface.  Position the card over it so you see the template through your cut-out, and tape the card down so it will stay in place (remember to work from the inside of the card, as the front of the card will be the "pretty side").

5. Now, cut your patterned/colored paper into 19 strips about 4"x1.5".  Fold strips in half along the short edge so you end up with 19 folded strips all 4" long.

6. Following the numbers, tape strips to the inside of the card along the lines, making sure the folded edge always faces the middle of the heart.  Trim excess paper as required.

photos via

7. Continue to tape your strips in numbered order, 1 through 19, trimming excess paper as needed.  Randomly alternate paper colors and patterns (what I recommend) or follow the color scheme in the pattern guide box above (this will give you a heart where each side of the heart is the same color).

(inside of my card, once completed)

8.  Once finished, flip your card over to the front and revel in your handiwork!

(outside of completed card)

Beautiful, huh?  It reminds me of a two-dimensional origami.  Once you get going, it takes no time at all.  Promise!

If you need additional help, the step-by-step photographed instructions can be found on the Iris Folding website {here}.

Now gift or keep.  I'm guessing you know what I did with mine... (wink!)  Happy heart folding!


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