Oct 11, 2013

Pink Donut Birthday Cake

Our little one loves Dunkin Donut's pink frosted donuts with sprinkles...they're her favorite.  And, she's known to have one in hand anytime she helps me grocery shop.  It makes the trip more enjoyable for both of us!

I saw this recipe for Homer Simpson donuts on A Beautiful Mess blog a while back, and thought they were the cutest things.  They sounded tasty too because the frosting is made with real raspberry juice.  

As much as I would have loved to try the recipe (and I still hope to someday!), they ultimately inspired the idea to do a pink donut cake for our little girl's birthday.  Check it out!

Pretty darn cute, huh?  We just used boxed cake mix in a bundt pan, then frosted it with chocolate frosting on the sides and strawberry frosting on top.  Add a dash of sprinkles and that's it!

Everyone loved it...especially our pretty little birthday princess.

Yes, you get to see her too.  I call this photo "anticipation".  Light those candles already!

This one is the "so why do people sing to you on your birthday?" face.

And, lastly the "group blow" shot.  I think we all rally up a breath to help the birthday girl at this point.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little bundle of crazy joy!  (P.S. make note to always have glow sticks at a party...)


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Too cute, and super fun idea.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Still celebrating our precious 3 year old baby girl! So fun!!!

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