Oct 25, 2013

My Dream House...A Modern Farmhouse

My hubby and I dream to someday build a small house for retirement that's as compact as possible (minimal amount of stuff and minimal cleaning time), totally functional (it must fit the occasional visitors, our lifestyle/hobbies) and full of style (a decorator's dream).  Anytime I come across cool exteriors or floor plans of small modern houses, I pin them of course!

There is a really cool architecture/construction company I came across on Houzz the other day - GO LOGIC.  They offer pre-fab homes that are likely way out of our future price range, but their floor plans are great at fitting a lot of functionality and style into small, modern, very energy efficient (read: LEED certified), and totally livable homes.

Here are my two favorites:

Clean, simple lines.  Big windows.  High Ceilings.  Screened-in porch.  Check, check, check, and check!  This house is 1000 sq ft with 2 bedrooms (a master bedroom and an office/guest bedroom...plenty for us).  In a perfect world, we'd also have a large garage/barn built adjacent to something like this with a second level apartment (an extra bedroom, bath, kitchenette, and workroom/studio for our hobbies).

My favorite parts of this floor plan? It's a single floor ranch, has a defined entry (a total luxury in a small house), has pretty good storage for it's size, and the kitchen, dining, and living room are all one big space, leading straight onto the back porch.  Quaint but no wasted space.  I'd be turning several of those doorways into sliding doors to open up the flow during the day...

This second house is "big" by our standards at 1500 sq ft and 3 bedrooms, but it would give lots of space for visitors.  I love the red exterior with the metal roof, and the porch.  A large porch is a total must-have for us!

For the downstairs floor plan I really like the separate mudroom/powder bath area, walk-in pantry, and the living room looks like this...

And the dining space looks like this...

The entire home is very warm and inviting to me, even though it's "modern" and clean-lined (almost minimalist) in style.  I LOVE the concrete floors and the warmth of the wood on the ceiling and vertical beams in the corners.  (Wish they showed a photo of the kitchen!)

For the upstairs, I love the laundry nook.  This is the type of sliding door I'd love throughout both these houses...

And, the bedrooms are so full of light with the expansive windows.

Having just one bath upstairs wouldn't be ideal, but it would totally work if it had a sink set-up like this bathroom I found from another modern farmhouse featured in Garden & Gun magazine {here}. (don't you just love the name of that publication??)

Perhaps they could work it into the floor plan for me.  (wink!)

What do you think of these compact modern farmhouses?  Do they tickle your fancy like they do mine?    What's your idea of a dream house?


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In the upstairs laundry ; Is that a combination washer/dryer ? Having a sink in there is a good idea !

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