Aug 30, 2013

Copy the Look - A Colorful Dining Nook

(Note: This post is for Rachel...who always knows my "pins")

Isn't this little banquette/nook area just so perfect and bright and cheery?  Like a breath of fresh air!

I'd move in if I could, but since that's kinda creepy, I'll use it as inspiration instead.  Here's how you can copy the look for this sublimely fun nook! (FYI: rhyming is awesome)

pillows (clockwise from top) 1, 2, 3, 4 // light // art // rug // table // sheepskin // chair

Some of the items I found are almost identical!  Love it when that happens...means I did my passion (a.k.a. "job") well.  :o)

What do you think of this design?  Would you feel welcomed to dine or inspired to serve a meal in this sort of space?


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