Aug 20, 2013

Because chalkboard paint never gets old...

While some people may be bored of the chalkboard paint trend by now, I never tire of the limitless possibilities the highly versatile (and oh so forgiving!) paint offers.  It seems every day I come across a new chalkboard paint idea on Pinterest, and can't help but pin-away...just...can't...stop...myself.

This is one bathroom, with two chalk options shown...see how an easy pattern change transforms the look with only 5 minutes and a single piece of chalk?  Love it!


These elegant sconces take "juvenile" up a notch (or twelve), don't you think?  So pretty yet fun!

Why didn't I think of this??  Chalkboard paint on a door...even less commitment than on a wall.

Love this idea so much, that I'd consider doing this on a kitchen wall (inside a pantry would be a safer bet).  Chalkboard paint and chalk virtually transformed a spice rack into an art installation!

Chalkboard stair risers!  These would look great with chalk, or left bare.  Black stair risers add such depth and dimension to a stairwell.

A chalk board globe - I love this idea as a gift for your favorite world traveler.  You could even place "x"s for places you've been.

And, a final idea that may look a little familiar because you've seen in on Inspired Whims before (I can't help but love my own handiwork sometimes...), A DIY chalkboard as easy and sizable wall art!

See any other good chalkboard paint ideas lately?  What do you think of the continued craze?  Do share!


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Great Round-up! I haven't seen any of these ideas... except yours, of course. :) Love the bathroom. So fun to get to mix things up on a whim!

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