Apr 3, 2013

A Color Study: Blue & White

There's something simple yet majestic about the color combination of blue and white.  It's a classic pairing that never goes out of style, typically leaning toward traditional but in a fresh way.  Check out some of my favorite blue and white finds below!

An intricate gate in Santorini, Greece:

A dreamy dining space (look at that blue velvet chair!):

A classically contemporary bedroom that would appeal to gents and ladies alike:

A FREE vintage art poster that would perk up any room...I think it would be just perfect in a boy's room:

Earthenware Dipped Blue Vases from West Elm would add the perfect dose of blue and white to a room:

This itty-bitty room has everything you'd possibly need in a bedroom suite.  Sign me up to live in this "closet":

This Pier 1 Cobalt Glass Lamp is beautifully refined in all the right ways with such lovely lines:

Blue and white floral fabric is such a pretty focal point...add a pop of magenta, and you've got it made:

I've had my eye on this Trellis Blue Rhonda Rug from Wayfair for a while now...still dreaming it's mine:
My favorite feature in this blue and white living space - the suspended drum shades.  My least favorite feature - white couches begging to be spilled upon...but I do believe those are slip covers:

Do I have any fellow blue and white lovers in the house?  Which of these rooms (or decorating items) is your favorite?  If I had to pick just one, I'd say I'd take the trip to Santorini, Greece to see the blue gate pictured at top.


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Where did you find the blue and white curtains?

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