Jan 23, 2013

Microscope Art - Oh My!

I don't mean itty-bitty small art or even art created from the parts of a microscope...I mean art from items placed under a microscope.  Crazy, huh?  The other day, I fell in love with the artwork shown below in a feature by Robb Report magazine on Topping Rose House restaurant in Long Island:

So vivid and bright, how could it not call my name???  Upon closer inspection, I think it's a close-up - like close-up in terms of microscopic proportions - of some biological matter.  It could be bacteria, yeast, cell contents, who knows...but it's kinda cool if you ask me.

I hunted around for it, but was unable to find the artist behind the above "floral" creation.  But, I did find some other fun microscope art that was equally as cool and not as potentially icky (unless you like snapshots of bacteria in your living room, or even better, your dining space).

See if you can guess what these close-ups are of...

 "Multicolored Watch Gears" by Micro Discovery via Art.com

 "Polyester and Nylon Cloth of Woman's Bodybriefer" by Micro Discovery via Art.com

 "Crystallized Beer" by BevShots via Portland Monthly

"Glass-Shelled Diatoms and Butterfly Scales" by Darlyne A. Murawski via Art.com

Even if microbiology freaks you out a little bit, it would be cool to have something as unique as a fingerprint on your wall.  What do you think of this funky genre of art?  Have you ever seen it before?


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