Jan 25, 2013

Easy Dolled-Up Picture Frames

So there we were...scoping out some scrapbook paper at the local craft store.  My little one was behaving well so she had earned the privilege to be out of the cart.  And she was doing so well just looking around the aisle as I was distracted by all the pretty papers.  Suddenly she comes up to me so excited because she had found this paper...

I have never known a little girl who so loves Buzz and Woody as my little does.  She has a Toy Story beach towel from my Aunt that she uses every night to dry off from her bath.  And, any time she sees the Buzz action figure in the kid play area at the gym, she lights up.  Bottomline, this paper was hers and I needed to figure out a cute way to display it back at home.  Enter the dolled-up frame concept below...

Plain photo frames
Decorative Trim or Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Your photo (or beloved Toy Story paper...)

1. Come up with a simple design and cut trim or ribbon to size.

2. Attach trim or ribbon to frame with the hot glue gun.  A small bead of glue will keep it from oozing out around the trim.

3. Put your photo in (unless you jump the gun like I did and put it in first...) and enjoy!

Not rocket science, but they sure are cute!  And, I can use the frames for other pictures once Buzz and Woody move on.

Your options are limitless and this project only takes about 10 minutes, so it proved to be a good "naptime" endeavor for me.  It would also be a fun birthday craft/take-home favor for kids since they're easy to make...may need some parental supervision with the glue gun though.


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