Sep 7, 2012

On the Hunt for a "Curated" Powder Bath

This weekend I'm headed to Brimfield, MA for the Brimfield Antique Show - the nation's largest antiques and collectibles show.  I'm super stoked and a little overwhelmed to say the least.  You see, I have a detailed objective. Often times, that's a good thing - when working with a strict budget and avoiding "stuff I don't need" (but still want...).  At Brimfield, not so much, because the show grounds look like this...

How will I ever find exactly what I'm looking for?  The show covers a full MILE of roadway, with thousands of vendors - some with niche items and others with a little bit o' everything.  You can see my dilemma - so little time and soooo much to see.  The best news is that it happens 3 times a year - like clockwork - so I can make my list and be ready for it months in advance.  Thankfully we only live 1.5 hours away - woot!

My detailed objective?  I want our powder bath to look just like this inspiration photo...

Isn't it beautifully interesting?  I call it "curated" - a layered look that tells a story.  So, what does that mean to me? Tastefully collected and classically styled, representative of both vintage and modern taste, but not at all kitschy or overdone.  It's very much so a gallery look accented by beautifully rich, blue-ish black walls.  Visually intriguing for guests that might "happen upon" the space when they come over and visit.  You may ask, how am I going to make it happen? Just like this...

On my list for Brimfield this weekend:
Vintage art
Eclectic rug
Industrial letter or signage of some sort
Old medical chart (preferably an old eye chart)
Very small set of antlers (crazy, I know!)

Here is my personalized inspiration board - a design service I offer {here} - that will help me execute my "curated" look (sources with links can be found below):  

1. Vintage Federal-style Convex Mirror ($125) - Etsy // 2. "Bild" Butterfly Poster ($12) - Ikea, and "Virserum" Frame ($30) - Ikea // 3. Mounted Whitetail Antlers (estimated $35) - Etsy // 4. James M. Phillips Seascape Watercolor ($70) - Antique Helper // 5. Porcelain Hurricanes (medium, $29) - West Elm // 6. "Ovraby" Frame ($6), shown with a black and white family photo - Ikea // 7. Sign Letter "A" ($28) - Etsy // 8. PS Clock ($30) - Ikea // 9. Novica Stars on the Horizon Zapotec Rug ($130) - Wayfair // 10. Rustic Farmhouse Wood Milking Stool (similar $45) - Etsy // 11. Kraftware 10" Chrome and Brass Waste Basket ($25) - Sears

I'm on the hunt for vintage items similar to, but likely cheaper than, those shown.  My overall goal is to mix textures (i.e. wood, metal, ceramic) and finishes (i.e.silver, gold, bronze) that transcend time (i.e. contemporary art, industrial pieces, vintage posters, old paintings, family photos).

As this is a process, and not an over-night collection, I've already been on the hunt and checked a few items off my list:
Gold-framed Federal Style Mirror
Old seascape paintings (water color and oil paint versions)
Old painted portrait 
Modern graphic piece of art
Some sort of "bird" painting
Old Black and White Photograph
Modern rendering of my kiddo's portrait
Vintage-Looking Postcard

This is what out powder bath looks like now - a near identical layout to the above inspiration bath:

No gorgeous wood floors, but a rental is a rental and I'm going to work with it!  I'm currently working on paint colors and will likely go with a Benjamin Moore color called Blue Note (2129-30) - see color swatch below, on right.  It's a very dark gray with blue undertones that comes across as a deep navy, just like the background color of my inspiration board above.

Next time you see it, the bathroom will look very different...I promise.

Has anyone visited the Brimfield Antique Show?  Any tips to get me through the wondrous chaos?


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I love the idea of creating a mood board to help find vision and keep focus... I'm putting that on my "to-do" list too. :)

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