Jul 6, 2012

Friday Fashion Find

Hey everyone, happy weekend!  I was flipping through July's issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine and saw the cutest turquoise bib necklace from Coldwater Creek:

The best part is that the Latticed Bead Necklace is totally affordable at only $16.99 (plus $30% off online through Sunday, July 8th!).  Oh, and it comes in a beautiful coral hue too!

Brightly colored bubble bib necklaces are super popular right now - I've seen them all over fashion blogs, Pinterest, and on retail websites.  They're often pretty pricey - the one below is a whopping $150 at J. Crew.

To be honest I like the more affordable Coldwater Creek necklace better because it has the rope-like section around the top and looks a bit more casual.  I think it would be so adorable with a white button-down and jeans.  

What do you think?  A good Friday Fashion Find?


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