Oct 6, 2011

Gifts that Give Back Part 2

A while back I posted some gifts that support the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and I promised to post some more gifts that give back from a great organization called Ten Thousand Villages.  A nonprofit, Ten Thousand Villages' main goal is to improve the livelihood of disadvantaged artisans in over 38 countries worldwide.  It is one of the world's largest fair trade organizations - ensuring people get fairly payed for their time and labor in creating beautiful things.  They have some great decorating items, dishes, jewelry, frames, etc.  Here are a few things that caught my eye:

I love this beautiful scarf made by artisans in northern and central Laos.  It would liven up a dreary day and looks great with any color winter coat.  (price - $44)

This picture frame, made in India, is a great gift for an active guy or gal who loves cycling/biking. (price - $16)

Owls are one of my favorite animals - wise, alert, and aware - and they seem so popular lately in home decor.  This cute ceramic sconce, handcrafted in Nepal, holds a tea light but would also look good just sitting on a bookshelf. (price - $24)

This dark navy shoulder bag, made in Laos, has a great ikat pattern on it.  Casual and cute addition to any outfit. (price - $38)

This hippo paperweight, handcrafted in Kenya, would bring a smile to anyone's face during the long work-day. (price - $14)

Ten Thousand Villages' product sales empower craftsmen across the globe and help pay for food, education, healthcare, and housing.  The company encourages artisan partners to use environmentally friendly processes and sustainable/recycled materials.  I encourage you to go check out their website or visit one of their local stores...they have several across the country.  -Kristen


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