Sep 2, 2014

A Small House Big on Love

Since I'm on a tiny house kick...thought I'd share this Oregon home with you all.  It's not super tiny at 540 square feet but for a growing family I'd say it's very modest and small compared to what most American families live in.

When you skimp on size you don't have to skimp on style.  The "Tiny House", which was designed by homeowner and interior designer Jessica Helgerson, is packed with beautiful features and finishes.  Jessica just happens to be one of my favorite designers, and I think you'll love her too!  Her awesome portfolio can be seen {here}.  All photos of the home below are by Lincoln Barbour and were sourced from Jessica's website:

Here's the front elevation with an inviting porch and an eco-friendly sod roof:

Here's the welcoming front door:

When you walk inside, you see the kitchen area to the left:

(I am smitten with the white shiplap and rustic wood shiplap combo)

And, the living room to the right, which incorporates versatile couches (or beds for guests) with smart storage underneath:

(Aren't the bookshelves beautiful?  They infuse the perfect amount of color into the space)

Accessible by ladder, the master is tucked away in the loft a little love nest:

If you walk down the short hallway, you've got storage/utility space on your left and this completely adequate bath on your right:

Finally, the largest room in the house - the bunk room for the kids - also has a bed across the room for guests (check out that cool pull-out closet and oh, the windows!):

(This house can sleep tons of people when the couches, loft, bunks, and guest bed are taken into account!)

Here's the floor plan for my fellow floor plan junkies...

Simple, smart, clutter-free design can really go a long way, huh?  Mindful organization, careful planning, amazing taste, and lots of love went into this place.  

What's your favorite room or feature?  Could you live in a "tiny" home like this?  Do tell!


Mindy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The size of the house would be manageable, but there is no way I could function without storage space. Where are their clothes? And toys, and art supplies, and tools, and random hoarded junk they can't live without!?!?!? LOL

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