Jun 16, 2014

Fashion Deal of the Day: Twice

My husband is amazing for many reasons, but one of those many reasons is that he always finds really good deals. Every once in a while he throws me a bone to pursue like the below deal originally shared by Points & Pixie Dust, and I wanted to make sure and share it with you too...

Have you ever heard of Twice??  It's a (very) easy to use online consignment shop where you can purchase (and sell) women's secondhand designer fashion.  The Twice team collects all the fashion, photographs the items on dress forms, writes up descriptions, prices everything up to 90% off retail, then posts everything on their site for you to view.

Major perks and why you should go visit the site right now:
1) You get a $10 credit for signing up here.
2) You get a $10 credit for downloading the free Twice app on your Apple device here.
3) You get 50% off your first order by entering the coupon code: FIRSTPURCHASE50 upon checkout.
4) Free shipping for orders with subtotal of $49 or more
5) Free 30-day returns if something doesn't fit or if you simply don't like it

To make it super easy for you.  Here's how this deal of the century works step-by-step...
1) Sign up and you get $10 credit on your account (that's my referral link so thanks for using it!)
2) Download the app and you get $10 credit on your account.  Open the app once installed and sign in with your account login you created upon signing up for Twice in step 1.
3) Pick out any item (or items) that total at least $49 and put in your cart (yay free shipping!)
4) Go to checkout and enter coupon code FIRSTPURCHASE50 where it says "add coupon or gift code" (the 50% off is applied before the two $10 credits are applied...which is awesome because it means you save more!)

You should be able to score some great stuff for pretty darn cheap.   If you find something that's right at $49 you'll only pay about $5.  If you can't stop there then you can walk away just like me with 3 items for only about $30. Here's how it looked all added up for my order...

See that?!  I got Ralph Lauren jeans, an Anthropologie skirt, and a GAP shirt (all originally valued at almost $250) for only about $30.  Here's my super cute goods...

Hallelujah that felt good!  Can't wait to get my items in the mail - they should be shipped this week.

And...as if it could get any better...I'm also looking forward to receiving my free pre-paid "selling bag" in the mail so I can send some of my clothing in to be sold.  List of brands they accept for sale is here.  They'll make me an offer on my stuff, and then if I accept their offer, they pay me.  If I make at least $30 on my stuff, then my above score on 3 designer items becomes even better...FREE!

Let me know if you've used Twice or if you have any questions with making this deal happen for you.  Happy thrifty shopping!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow! Very cool! Know you are loving this new find, my little quintessential shopper! The million dollar question would be ... "Might Twice quell the delight of being out there shopping in the stores?" :) Guess who?!?

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