Dec 16, 2013

Gift Ideas : The Royal (Crest) Treatment

Chivalry is alive!  And it couldn't be more in-style.  Crests/shields are a hot trend in jewelry design, home decor, and even for the tiny tots.   I've been "pinning" away at them not even realizing how much I was drawn to the simple but regal shape.

Check out these crest finds, many of which I'd love to see underneath the Christmas tree!

Anyone else have their eyes on crest-like objects of late?  My favorite object above?  Definitely that crest mirror. I'd love to have it for my entry.  Here is where I first spotted the mirror, which totally fueled my crest hunt...

And, my most recent crest acquisition, you may ask?  This metal vintage crest I picked up from an antique store in Portland OR.

So, what do you think of crests?  Royal cool or too old school?


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