May 3, 2013

Funtime Friday - A Playroom I LOVE!

Happy Friday friends!!  Check out this uber fun playroom from the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase home.  Heck, I'd do this design in a living room...but that's (crazy) me!

My favorite thing has to be the huge orange tee-pee.  But, I'm also totally diggin' the lego-man head on the shelf and the fuzzy sphere chairs (what else would you call them?).  Oh, and the faux dynamite sticks in the fun are those and where do you buy them?!? Way better than boring old logs, if you ask me.

The flooring pattern reminds me of the mosaic sidewalk on Copacabana Beach in Rio.  Same look, huh?

Hope you have a happy weekend!  Next week I will share an exciting nursery design we just finished for a sweet friend of mine.  It's adorable, so stay tuned...


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